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NDPOA Foundation

North Dakota Peace Officers’ Foundation


The North Dakota Peace Officers’ Foundation, Inc. was formed by the North Dakota Peace Officers Association Executive Board for the purposes of promoting public welfare and law enforcement including the construction and maintenance of the North Dakota Peace Officers Memorial, which is located on the State Capital Grounds near the Judicial Wing in Bismarck. The Corporation will solicit contributions from the general public, and as available, public funds to support all activities undertaken to fulfill the Corporation’s purpose. Since the Corporation is nonprofit 501(C)3, this will allow individuals/groups/businesses to deduct their contribution when filing their federal tax returns.



Membership of the Corporation shall be composed of all sustaining members who contribute annual dues of $10.00 to the foundation. Members of the Corporation shall be entitled to vote on each matter requiring action of the members. Membership shall beet at least annually, with notification of the meeting published in the North Dakota Peace Officers’ Association newsletter. Special meetings may be called by the Chair of the Board of Directors or a majority of the members of the Board, who shall give at least 10 days’ notice of any special meeting stating the purpose of such meeting. The Board of Directors must be members of the Corporation and will consist of one POST Board representative appointed by POST Board; a member of the North Dakota Peace Officers Association Executive Board appointed by the board; the NDPOA Executive secretary; and two members at large who are elected by the Foundations Membership. The terms of the two at large members shall be three years.


Donations and membership requests can be mailed to:

NDPO Foundation

1100 N 47th Street, Suite 100

Grand Forks, ND 58203

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North dakota peace officers that lost thier lives in the line of duty

Fred D. Alderman: Fargo Police Department: 1882

Evan Paulson: Mayville Police Department: 1890

James Rauland: Northern Pacific Railroad: 1899

H.M. Personius: Valley City Police Department: 1906

George E. Moody: Richland County Sheriff's Office: 1911

Carl G. Nelson:  Carrington Police Department: 1915

Seymour H. Douglas: McKenzie County Sheriff's Office: 1917

Evan M. Jones: Richland County Sheriff's Office: 1917

George Dixon: Wilton Police Department: 1917

Patrick J. Devaney: Minot Police Department: 1918

Kersey E. Gowin: North Dakota Office of Attorney General: 1918

Earnst W. Thompson: Ward County Sheriff's Office: 1920

Lee S. Fahler: Minot Police Department: 1921

Julius A Nielson: Kenmare Police Department: 1921

Christian A. Madison: Stanley Police Department: 1922

Carl Peterson: Westhope Police Department: 1922

Charles R. Sneesby: Devils Lake Police Department: 1924

Nels H. Romer: Mandan Police Department: 1926

Hans C. Jess: Mandan Police Department: 1929

Martin G. Johnson: Ray Police Department: 1930

George Peipkorn: Burleigh County Sheriff's Office: 1930

Leo Dagner: Willow City Police Department: 1933

David L. Stewart: Hope Police Department: 1933

Aslak "Oscar" Thorsen: Bottineau County Sheriff's Office: 1936

Fred A. Patrickus: Billings County Sheriff's Office: 1940

Joseph Runions: Mercer County Sheriff's Office: 1941

Aurther M. Sem: Stanley Police Department: 1942

Charles M. Allmaras: Eddy County Sheriff's Office: 1942

Jacob M. Hoerner: New Leipzig Police Department: 1942

John Oles: North Dakota State Penitentiary: 1946

Rudolf F. Howell: Ramsey County Sheriff's Office: 1950

William W. Hansen: Velva Police Department: 1950

Henry S. Halvorson: Grand Forks County Sheriff's Office: 1952

Nicholas J. Ethen: Devils Lake Police Department: 1953

Edward E. Mumby: New Salem Police Department: 1953

Beryl E. McLane: North Dakota Highway Patrol: 1954

John Holcomb: North Dakota State Penitentiary: 1954

Ralph L. Burdick: Benson County Sheriff's Office: 1954

Lee E. Morrow: Federal Bureau of Investigation: 1960

Max L. Taylor: Bowman County Sheriff's Office: 1960

Nathan N. Bear: Bureau of Indian Affairs: 1960

Ralph J. Hansen: Ransom County Sheriff's Office: 1962

Frank A. Peterson: Rugby Police Department: 1963

Burdette M. Miller: Ray Police Department: 1966

Theodore C. Wanner: Dickinson Police Department: 1966

Robert D. Martin: Grand Forks Police Department: 1966

Raymond A. Wietstock: State Industial School: 1966

Ronald E. Trautman: Jamestown Police Department: 1966

Frank C. Schultz: Burlington Northern Railroad: 1970

P.A. "Tex" Goyne: New Salem Police Department: 1971

Herbert R. Parmeter: Sargent County Sheriff's Office: 1974

Kenneth A. Lenerville: Reeder Police Department: 1975

Kenneth B. Muir: U.S. Marshal Service: 1983

Robert S. Chesire Jr.: U.S. Marshal Service: 1983

Timothy L Wells: Willaims County Sheriff's Office: 1989

Valence L. Pascal: Benson County Sheriff's Office: 1993

Charles V. Pulver: North Dakota Game and Fish: 1995

Keith A. Braddock: Watford City Police Department: 1996

Roger C. Sorenson: Youth Correctional Center: 1996

Steve R. Kenner: Bismarck Police Department: 2011

Bryan K. Sleeper: Burleigh County Sheriff's Department: 2011

Jason D. Moszer: Fargo Police Department: 2016

Colt E. Allery: Rolette County Sheriff's Office: 2017

Cody N. Holte: Grand Forks Police Department: 2020

Adam G Gustafson: West Fargo Police Department: 2021

Jake R. Wallin: Fargo Police Department: 2023

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