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NDPOA Foundation

North Dakota Peace Officers’ Foundation


The North Dakota Peace Officers’ Foundation, Inc. was formed by the North Dakota Peace Officers Association Executive Board for the purposes of promoting public welfare and law enforcement including the construction and maintenance of the North Dakota Peace Officers Memorial, which is located on the State Capital Grounds near the Judicial Wing in Bismarck. The Corporation will solicit contributions from the general public, and as available, public funds to support all activities undertaken to fulfill the Corporation’s purpose. Since the Corporation is nonprofit 501(C)3, this will allow individuals/groups/businesses to deduct their contribution when filing their federal tax returns.



Membership of the Corporation shall be composed of all sustaining members who contribute annual dues of $10.00 to the foundation. Members of the Corporation shall be entitled to vote on each matter requiring action of the members. Membership shall beet at least annually, with notification of the meeting published in the North Dakota Peace Officers’ Association newsletter. Special meetings may be called by the Chair of the Board of Directors or a majority of the members of the Board, who shall give at least 10 days’ notice of any special meeting stating the purpose of such meeting. The Board of Directors must be members of the Corporation and will consist of one POST Board representative appointed by POST Board; a member of the North Dakota Peace Officers Association Executive Board appointed by the board; the NDPOA Executive secretary; and two members at large who are elected by the Foundations Membership. The terms of the two at large members shall be three years.


Donations and membership requests can be mailed to:

NDPO Foundation

1100 N 47th Street, Suite 100

Grand Forks, ND 58203

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