Membership Benefits

  1. Fellowship of others in the Criminal Justice system in North Dakota.

  2. Emergency relief fund for members in a time of need, in the sum of $500.

  3. Lobbyist at legislative sessions representing the North Dakota Peace Officers Association in an attempt to gain beneficial legislation for the Criminal Justice System in North Dakota.

  4. Awards for achievements such as lifesaving, bravery, outstanding service, etc.

  5. Active members who have children going to be attending a college within the state of North Dakota can apply for a $500 scholarship.

  6. Strength in numbers. One voice representing and speaking for the entire Criminal Justice system is much more likely to be heard where it counts than many voices speaking for their own small group.

  7. Annual convention, where the members gather to take care of business requirements, gain training and POST training hours towards their careers and career goals, as well as some friendly competitions.