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2023 NDPOA Annual Conference

112th Annual Conference
August 8th – 11th, 2023
Spirit Lake Casino & Resort
7889 ND-57, St Michael, ND 58370

2023 Ndpoa conference schedule

2023 NDPOA conference

2023 NDPOA Conference Registration



Valid until canceled

2023 NDPOA Vendor registration

2023 ndpoa fishing registration

2023 ndpoa golf registration

2023 NDPOA K9 challenge

2023 NDPOA Shooting Events

2023 NDpoa sponsorship

North dakota Peace officers foundation

Please the attached proposed constitutional amendment regarding the dissolvement of North Dakota Peace Officers Foundation, Inc. and moving all duties and responsibilities under NDPOA. The amendment will be discussed and voted on during the NDPOA business meeting on Thursday August 10, 2023.

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