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Civilian awards

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

The NDPOA has several awards for nomination. Law Enforcement officers and individual citizens who distinguish themselves with the act of exemplary performance, service, or achievement are eligible to receive recognition from the NDPOA through the NDPOA’s award process. Each nomination is reviewed by the Executive Board and a decision is made if the nominee shall receive the award. The board encourages all NDPOA members and Non-members to submit nominations for NDPOA awards when they are witnesses to outstanding acts of service. The NDPOA will do everything possible to recognize individual efforts.

Certificate of Appreciation

This award is given to an individual or company showing appreciation of support and cooperation with law enforcement or the NDPOA.

Distinguished Service Award

An individual citizen or a company that displays outstanding service, professional dignity and unselfish personal contributions to the NDPOA.

Life Saving Award

An individual citizen that by his/her actions significantly contributes to the saving of a human life.

Citizen Recognition Award

An individual citizen who assists law enforcement in accomplishing that organization’s mission and goals.

Good Samaritan Award

An individual citizen must perform an act of unselfishness in caring for another person, by giving aid to a person who is injured, sick or in distress.

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